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Solo Show at the Juneau Douglas City Museum

One Raven: Painting one story at a time by Crystal Worl

"One Raven" will show a collection of Crystal Worl's gouache paintings that incorporate Tlingit formline designs, bright colors, watercolor textures, and paint splatters that "pop". The works will include illustrations made for a children's book about Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian lullabies. There will be stories in the art about of Raven's creations and the artist's perspective of nature and Indigenous culture in Alaska. Crystal Worl is Tlingit, Athabascan, and Yupik from Juneau.

Show Theme: Subsistence and Storytelling

My family has taught me to how to fish, skin a fish, hunt, butcher a seal, tan fish skins, harvest various plants and berries, and prepare our native foods in several ways. My most recent paintings have been depictions of formline human figures practicing subsistence and living amongst the natural world. I would like to paint more imagery of Tlingit life, aka my life! I am interested in sharing stories about my life in Alaska living with the land and animals that exist here. I want to share traditional stories and create new stories inspired by modern day.

In Tlingit oratory, there are several stories about Raven and the things he/she created. In these stories Raven has the magical ability to transform into various objects, beings, and super natural entities. Raven is a trickster, known for stealing the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars and lifted them into the sky so that humans and animals could see and live in light. In Tlingit oratory there are an abundance of stories about Raven’s journey to cultural knowledge and values.

This exhibition will show a collection of gouache paintings that show Raven and other beings in transformation and/or other characters in Tlingit stories. The series will also include imagery of subsistence lifestyle in Alaska with formline human and animal figures. Some of the works will depict designs, patterns, and suggest a spiritual feeling that is about the bonds between the Tlingit and animals. Traditional principles of formline will be applied in the process of design. However colors, textures, and paint splatters will add a bright, colorful, and “popping” contemporary mood to the collection. This series of work will demonstrate my love for Tlingit culture, design, and way of life.

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